IAC TD @ web BBO

Most TDs that used old window client at BBO for decades, hate its web version with passion. Truth is that it is very different, but actually much easier and quicker to use. Unlike other web BBO areas, tournament tool is not badly designed, almost all things are self-explanatory. Try keep open mind and hopefully tips in here will help you get familiar with Tournament Director tools offered in web BBO.


This is the second page, intended for TDs only.
Again, it was made for IAC to help our TDs go thru the transition, but everyone is free to use it.

* * *

BBO staff made presentation how to use its web version and get to new features it has , please check :

Official IAC page is: http://pigpen.org.uk/IAC/iac.php

If you want to ask about some "how-to" that is not in here, please mail (at BBO) Curls77 or bbo_iac.

May you have great turn outs and smooth trnys! :)

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