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* * *    Set up a Teaching or a Bidding table and upload hands   * * * 

To upload hands into web BBO, you need previously made LIN file, that can contain one or several deals. You can do it same way you were making deals for window client. IAC strongly recommends using aabridge - free software made by RogerPfi, available to download at:

* * *    UPLOADING HANDS    * * *

Your hands are stored at MY BBO / HANDS AND RESULTS menu at the top of the screen.

Although you can upload LIN file anywhere, recommenced is create a new folder, so you can locate specific hand you want easily.

Click on CREATE New Folder (1).

In the box that opens type its' name and hit CREATE (3)Newly created folder shows now in the list.
Click on IMPORT LIN FILE (2).

When asked, select the folder you want.
You'll be asked to select the file. Click on BROWSE (4), locate your file (5), and click on IMPORT (6).

If the file is ok, you get a message confirming that X number of deals is uploaded.

Now click on the SHOW, next of the name of the folder you just put the deals into.
It opens all 20 files our example LIN contained. You can visualize any of them by clicking show (7).

Note the EXPORT DEAL button at the bottom (8).
Use SAVE DEAL AS.. to save this specific deal into some other folder.
Use HANDVIEWER link that will give you external link to visualize the deal outside of BBO.
SEND TO MEMBER mails the deal to another BBO member.

HAND EDITOR edits selected hand so you can alter any of them (9).

Clicking on any card removes it from the hand and it can be given to another player.

Click on OPTIONS to rotate deal (10) or click board number to change dealer / vulnerability (11).

When you are finished with changes, click on EXPORT DEAL, SAVE DEAL AS (12) and give it a name. Here is how our 1st February folder looked and how looks now:

Other than importing pre-made LIN files, you can make hands directly on BBO and add it to any folder.
Choose MY BBO / HANDS AND RESULTS menu from the top.
Click on HAND EDITOR (13).

You'll be asked to give cards to South first, when hand is full you'll be asked to select cards to West etc.
At any point you can click on card already given to some player and it will be removed back to the unlocated deck.

After South, West and North have full hands dealt, East gets remaining cards automatically and you will be asked to choose the dealer - click on South to make them dealer.You can also click on board number to change vulnerability.

When you have whole deal way you wanted it, click on EXPORT DEAL, SAVE DEAL AS (15)
Give it a name and select folder in which you want to keep it.

There is yet another way of making a deal, it will be shown later as requires you to be at the table.


Go to IAC room (if unsure how see: http://iac-at-web-bbo.site123.me/find-iac-room )
and hit button START TABLE.

If you want to open it in another room, find that room or:

That opens the new box:

Everything is pretty much straight forward, set the table way you want itand hit START TABLE (4).
First hand dealt is obviously completely random.

* * *   UPLOAD HANDS TO THE TABLE    * * *

To deal previously saved hands, do the following.
Click on DEAL SOURCE button (5),
and on the top choose tab USE SAVED DEALS (6).

From the list of your folders, select which you want (lets use February 1st) and click SELECT (7).
and then CLOSE that box (8).
For the change to take effect, hit REDEAL button (9), and first deal from our Teaching Feb 1st folder will be dealt. Hitting REDEAL again, gives the next one and so on. After couple of redeals here is hand 4 that we used in previous examples:

At anytime you can go to DEAL SOURCE (5) and change the folder and give new, different hands, or set them back to random.

Third way of making deals is through DEALER SCRIPT.
I'll only mention it quickly mention - for more details on it,
consult aabridge, or BBO forums.

Click on DEAL SOURCE button (5),
You are at the RANDOM DEALS (10).
Select ADVANCED tab (11), check the box "USE THIS INPUT" (12) and type the script into (13).

CLOSE that box (14), and hit REDEAL button (9) to assume change.
Boards 1 and 2 were produced by the script and hands will be dealt continuously conditioned by the script until you go back to DEAL SOURCE, unclick the (12) so deals become random, or select some of your folders to give its hands to the table.

Keep in mind that you must hit REDEAL (9) after any change.

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